13 Safety Tips For Nigerian Tourists In South Africa

Safety tips South Africa

Crime is everywhere, including South Africa. But there are valid reasons Nigerians are concerned about their safety while visiting South Africa, considering the almost yearly incidents related to xenophobia and police brutality. Nevertheless, South Africa is safe if you use common sense! I have written this piece with you in mind if you want to…

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Xenophobia in South Africa & Nigeria’s Response Explained

Xenophobia in South Africa and Nigeria's response

Xenophobia in South Africa is not new, and its forms transcend the apartheid era and the democratic dispensation. This article will focus on what xenophobia means in South Africa, its history in South Africa, the causes of xenophobia and the current measures established to address xenophobia both in South Africa and Nigeria. What is Xenophobia?…

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How To Apply For A Nigeria Visit Visa

Nigeria Visit Visa from South Africa

South Africans require a Nigeria visit visa in other to enter Nigeria for visitation. South Africa and Nigeria have continued to enjoy economic and diplomatic ties for more than two decades. While South Africa is among the favourite destinations for Nigerians for business, recreation, medical, and educational purposes, Nigeria is undoubtedly a business, religious and…

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Measures For Safety While in South Africa (+ Emergency Numbers)

Safety in South Africa

For many Nigerians, South Africa is one of the top options for vacation, education and medical trips. Despite being a lovely country, South Africa has some of the world’s highest crime rates. You will find in this article tips for hotel, outdoors, and airport safety while visiting South Africa, including national emergency service numbers. Emergency…

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A Review of Air Peace Flight To South Africa

Air Peace Aircraft

You can now book cheap, direct and non-stop Air Peace flight to South Africa from Lagos, Nigeria, to Johannesburg in South Africa. Whether you want to commence your studies or look for a perfect vacation spot, Johannesburg is a great place to visit. However, not so many local airlines will give you a direct flight…

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12 Tips For Choosing A Flight From Lagos To Johannesburg

Flight cabin

There is more to consider than just the ticket price when booking a flight from Lagos to Johannesburg. This article will walk you through 12 factors to reflect on before settling on a Lagos flight in Nigeria to Johannesburg, South Africa. Without a doubt, Nigerians travel to South Africa for education, leisure, medical and business…

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