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Travelling opens you to many opportunities – career, educational, recreational, and even love! Nigerians have the opportunity to explore all these options in South Africa.  Informed travel decisions are therefore vital to take advantage of these opportunities, and to have a memorable travelling experience in South Africa. Through this platform, Lagostojozi blog seeks to encourage better travelling decision making.

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Who are we?

Lagostojozi is a travel blog that seeks to inspire informed traveling decisions from Lagos to Johannesburg and to make travelling to South Africa as accessible as possible to Nigerians.

Our Vision

To be the foremost travel and immigration blog about South Africa for Nigerians.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lagostojozi is to publish travel and immigration tips for Nigerians visiting, studying, working, or living in South Africa.

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Objectives of lagostojozi

  • To Provide Nigerians With Credible And Reliable Information About Tourism And Tourist Destinations In South Africa

Lagostojozi seeks to inspire Nigerians to go on vacation in South Africa while arming the Nigerian visitors with the necessary information needed for a memorable holiday experience. Notable tourist destinations in South Africa are located across its nine provinces. Some of the sites of attraction in South Africa include the Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, Apartheid Museum, and the Cradle of Humankind.

In 2019, Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) revealed that tourists from Nigeria made up the highest number of visitors to South Africa from non-SADC countries in Africa. A total of 39,041 Nigerians visited South Africa for holidays in the year 2019.

  • To Strengthen Bilateral Relations Between Nigeria And South Africa.

Lagostojozi seeks to promote cordial bilateral relations between Nigeria and South Africa as well as social cohesion by encouraging peaceful and respectable friendship amongst Nigerians and South Africans.

Nigeria-South Africa Relations

Both countries enjoy rich historical and present-day connections. Both were former British colonies. They are also members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union.

Nigeria was a major contributor to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Substantial financial support and the granting of asylum to South African freedom fighters in Nigeria was one of the many ways that the Nigerian government helped fight the oppressive Apartheid regime.

After the crushing of the apartheid regime, Nigeria and the new South Africa established formal diplomatic relations which led to the integration of the people from both countries.

Nigeria and South Africa officially established diplomatic relations on the 21st of February, 1994. The consulate General of Nigeria is situated in Johannesburg and the Nigeria High Commission is in Pretoria. The South African High Commission is located at Abuja, while its Consulate General is in Lagos.

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  • To Provide Nigerian Travelers With Practical And Reliable Travel Resources Required For Their Journey To South Africa

Lagostojozi seeks to provide Nigerians with practical and reliable ways to travel on a budget from Lagos to Johannesburg. We also aim to provide a platform that is rich with resources that cater to every aspect of the ‘Nigeria to South Africa-bound travelers’ needs.

Some of the information shared on the blog are tips specifically for the Nigerian traveler to South Africa, for example South Africa visa application tips, travel packing lists, trip planning, holiday ideas, travel insurance, cheap flight information, electronic flight reservations, instant flight bookings, accommodation information, and transportation information and services in South Africa.

  • To Encourage Nigerians To Explore Educational Advancement Opportunities In South Africa

Lagostojozi seeks to encourage Nigerian youths to explore the possibilities of studying in South African tertiary institutions. South African universities make up a significant number of the most highly ranked universities in Africa. Seven South African universities are featured in the QS World University Rankings of 2021. The universities are University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University, Rhodes University, and the University of Kwazulu-Natal.

These world-class universities offer Nigerian youths the opportunity to acquire quality education.

  • To Promote Trade And Commerce Between Nigeria and South Africa

Lagostojozi seeks to encourage skilled Nigerians to explore professional opportunities in South Africa. South Africa continues to provide commercial and professional opportunities for skilled Nigerians to ply their trade.

Trade and Investment

Notable Lagos based businesses are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Nigerian-based Dangote Group is a major investor in the South African cement industry. Total bilateral trade between the two countries has exceeded $4billion.

South Africa’s major import from Nigeria is Crude oil. Hundreds of companies are currently trading in both Nigeria and South Africa. These consist of Nigerian companies, South African companies and international conglomerates.  Examples include Shoprite, MTN, Dangote, Oando, and DSTV

Nigeria and South Africa continue to enjoy strong economic ties, despite the occasional tug-of-war between Nigerians and South Africans. These two countries are regarded as the major power hubs in Africa.  Jozi (Joburg) continues to be a favorite African travel destination for Nigerians either for business or for leisure.

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A brief On The Two African Mega Cities of Lagos & Joburg


Lagos is Nigeria and Africa’s most populated city with a population of over 21 million people. It boasts of the 4th highest gross domestic product (GDP) in Africa making it a major economic hub.  For this reason, Lagos is regarded as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and its seaport is one of the largest in Africa.

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History of Lagos

The Awori group of Yoruba ethnicity were the original inhabitants of Lagos in the 15th century. The settlement left in control of the Benin Empire around the 16th century. Lagos was called Eko by the Oba of Benin. Lagos is still known as Eko in the native dialect of the Yoruba people.

The origin of the name ‘Lagos’ can be traced to the Portuguese who explored this area in 1472. The Lagos Treaty of Cession was signed on 6th August 1861 handing over the control of the city to the British. Lagos became a British colony on 5th March 1862 and the rest of Nigeria was seized in 1887.


Lagos is often divided into two sections; Lagos island and Lagos mainland. The carter bridge, the Eko bridge, and the third mainland bridge are the major bridges linking the mainland and the island of Lagos.

Culture and Tourism

Lagos, although widely known as a business-oriented city has a flamboyant nightlife. Afrobeats, fuji, hip hop, and juju music are popular sounds on the streets of Lagos. Many Nollywood movies are shot in Lagos, and the National Arts Theatre is also situated in this city. Lagos is also the location showcasing African cultural identity. Several festivals are held in the city. These festivals include the Lagos carnival, Lagos Black Heritage Carnival, Eko International Film Festival, Eyo Festival, and many others.

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A peek at Joburg

Jozi is South Africa’s largest city.  It boasts of a GDP of $76Billion in 2014. It is also the provincial capital of South Africa. Jozi is situated in the Witwatersrand. It is regarded as the ‘city of gold’ which is due to its rich source of mineral resources such as diamond and gold.  Joburg was one of the host cities of the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

History of Jozi

Jozi came into limelight in 1886 because of the discovery of gold.  Its population grew rapidly as large deposits of gold were uncovered within the Witwatersrand.  Different mining firms sprung around Joburg to exploit its immense resources. The Transvaal government later took control of its administration.

The demography of the old Johannesburg consisted mainly of white miners, Africans who were laborers, and Afrikaners. Tensions arose between the Boer- the Transvaal government and the British over the control of the land. The 2nd Boer War ended in Britain occupying the area in 1900. Johannesburg has grown to become a megacity today. It hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Jozi Universities - University of Johannesburg


Jozi is located on the Highveld plateau with an elevation of 1,753 meters. Its former business district is located on the Witwatersrand ridge. The southern part of the city is drained by the Klip River,its northern part is drained by the Jukskei River.

Jozi is a major economic hub in Africa. It has many business districts including Roodepoort, Rosebank, and Sandton. These are in addition to its central business district. Most of the tallest structures in Africa are located in Johannesburg.  These buildings host companies such as the Standard Bank, Willis Group, IBM, Absa bank, and First National Bank.

Culture and Tourism

The National School of Arts, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Mary Fitzgerald Square, and the University of Witwatersrand’s School of the Arts are notable cultural institutions located in this city.

Jozi also boasts of museums showcasing fossils, designs, African costumes, and military history. The zoology museum, apartheid Museum, the Mandela Museum, the South African National Museum of Military history, and the Johannesburg Zoo are popular tourist sites.

Jozi Tourism - City Sightseeing Joburg

The UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘cradle of Humankind’ contains the largest collection of Hominid specimens.

A Wrap up

Lagostojozi is a travel blog that seeks to inspire informed travel from Lagos to Johannesburg and to make travelling as accessible as possible to its readers.  It also seeks to encourage Nigerian youths and professionals to explore tertiary education and trade in South Africa.

Lagostojozi also aim to promote bilateral relations between Nigeria and South Africa.  This will foster social cohesion and friendship among the citizens of Nigeria and South Africa.