How Much Does It Cost To Travel From Nigeria to South Africa?

South Africa is a beautiful rainbow nation with wonderful holiday spots for Nigerians. The country offers many holiday destinations, from the precipitous Drakensberg mountains to the famous Cape Winelands. From the colossal “Big five” found at Kruger’s park to the cradle of Humankind in Maropeng and the Sterkfontein Caves.  These places of attraction, among others, makes South Africa the perfect place for Nigerians to spend a 2-week holiday. This article looks at how much it cost to travel from Nigeria to South Africa using a flight.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel From Nigeria to South Africa?
Before you decide to buy a flight ticket to South Africa from Nigeria, ensure that you comply with the general travel requirements for entry into South Africa.

General Travel Requirement 

Before you decide to buy a flight ticket to South Africa from Nigeria, ensure that you comply with the general travel requirements for entry into South Africa. Some of these entry requirements are a valid international passport, visa and health documentation in place. Most airlines advise that the passport must be valid for at least 30 days after your return from South Africa. Also, the passport must have at least 1 or 2 blank pages for visa endorsements and immigration stamps. It is also advisable to apply for a visa a month before deciding to buy a plane ticket.

Different Platforms To Buy Air Tickets 

Gone are the days when you had to drive to the airport to purchase a flight ticket. These days, there are several platforms you can use to book flight tickets at your disposal. As a Nigerian traveller, you can either book your flight on airline websites, travel agencies and other online third-party flight booking portals. It now depends on you, whether you want convenience, discounts, comfort, security, a certain degree of control and ease of making your flight booking.

Ticket price

How much does it cost to travel from Nigeria to South Africa is a question that principally takes us to the cost of a flight ticket. Various factors actually determine the cost of a flight ticket. Some of these factors include:

  • Booking Times

The best thing is to buy your ticket well ahead of time. Buying in advance gives you a chance to get better ticket deals than buying a ticket closer to your date of departure. Most airlines advise people to buy their air tickets at least a month in advance to take advantage of the below-average ticket costs. 

The most suitable time to get a bargain for your money is to buy your flight ticket from Nigeria to South Africa during off-peak seasons. For example, if you intended to get a cheaper flight ticket, it is best to fly from Lagos to Johannesburg between March and April. During these months, the average price for a flight cost around R5 000 to R6 000. It is actually expensive to fly to South Africa during December because it is the busiest time when everyone is going on holiday and travelling a lot. Around December, flight prices to South Africa go up by 13%. Booking your flight to travel on a public holiday is also more expensive than travelling on a regular day.  However, if you intend to go on holiday to South Africa in December, it is best to book your flight 3 months in advance.

  • Departure Time

The flight departure times affect the ticket price to South Africa. It would be best if you considered flying on a Friday rather than Sunday because it will be cheaper. Also, it is better to travel in the evening than midday because late-night flights are generally cheaper. 

  • One Way Ticket or Return Ticket?

Most people are indecisive about getting a one-way ticket or buying a return ticket for their holiday trip to South Africa. Again, getting value for your money will depend on the period you intend to travel, the flight departure and arrival times, the departure and destination cities, the type of platform used to make the booking and whether there are other ancillary costs like baggage fees, extra legroom and a particular section you desire to reserve a seat. According to Lagos to Jozi flight Booking portal, an average round trip from Lagos to Johannesburg currently costs ₦240 000 (R7 500), and a one-way flight will cost ₦185 600 (R5 800).

How Much Does It Cost To Travel From Nigeria to South Africa
Currently, a flight seat from Lagos to Johannesburg on a Economy Class will cost between N185, 600 and N 240,000.
  • Discounts and Customer Loyalty Programmes

The cheaper the flight deal, the better, because nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity to save money. Some online air ticketing platforms and airline sites offer discounts and loyalty programmes. The loyalty vouchers are given to regular flyers who use the same airline. The more the traveller uses the airline to travel, the more loyalty points they accumulate. To claim loyalty points, the flight passenger can redeem them by getting a ticket discount or a free trip to a certain route. Sometimes, airlines offer discounts when you book in advance or buy your air ticket on a specific date when promotions are held. It is important to remember that the ticket price may not be inclusive of baggage fees and other overhead costs. So, check with the airline what is being discounted or offered for free on the loyalty programme.

  • The Cost of Flight From Lagos to Johannesburg 

Below is an example of the current prices for flights from Lagos to Johannesburg on the Lagostojozi flight booking platform. These prices give you a feel of the air ticket costs from the different airlines flying the Nigeria – South Africa air route. Kindly note that ticket prices are not fixed; they can change anytime.   

Current prices for flights from Lagos to Johannesburg

Booking Your Air Ticket

Booking an air ticket online is a fairly easy process. All you need is to have your personal information at hand, a list of your preferred airlines, budget and preferred departure time. Also, make sure that you know how much you are willing to spend on extra charges. 

Paying For Your Flight

Nowadays, there are many ways to pay for flights. There are payment systems that are meant to provide security as well as convenience. The different payment methods include Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Instant EFT, cheque card, online debit/credit payment, PayPal, cash deposit and in-store payments.

Wrap Up

 How much does it cost to travel from Nigeria to South Africa? This is the question which this blog post has addressed. The article has also described the basic travel requirements needed before flying from Nigeria to South Africa. This post also looked at platforms such as the Lagostojozi Ticket Booking Portal that you can use to compare prices, book and purchase a flight ticket. The article showed the current ticket prices, how to book a flight ticket, and the various payment methods you can use.

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