Nigeria In South Africa

Welcome to Nigeria in South Africa! For starters, South Africa got its freedom from white minority rule in 1994. Immediately after that oppressive regime of apartheid came to an end, South Africa earnestly reached out to more countries in the world and particularly to African nations. The primary objective of these missions is to establish, sustain, and strengthen economic, political, and social relations.

History of Abuja – Pretoria Bilateral Relations

On the 21st of February 1994, Nigeria and South Africa formally established diplomatic ties. The relationship was formed with the launching of the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria and the South African High Commission in Lagos respectively. The Consulate General of Nigeria was also established in Johannesburg in the same year. The government of Nigeria, therefore, has two diplomatic representatives in South Africa.

To read more about Nigeria’s mission stations in South Africa and their full contact details, click on the links below for more information.

Where is Nigeria In South Africa?

Meanwhile, the Nigerian High Commission and the Nigerian Consulate, in their separate capacities, engage the South African government and its citizens. They are also empowered to address the needs and or challenges of Nigerian citizens in South Africa.

The High Commission of Nigeria which is situated in Pretoria, for instance, has the mandate to engage in interactions and negotiations with the government of South Africa. In the areas of culture, trade, and development, the High Commission promotes Nigeria’s foreign interests in South Africa. Diplomatic visas are issued by the High Commission to South Africa’s government officials traveling to Nigeria. Kabiru Bala, a career diplomat is the High Commissioner.

Nigeria Consulate General in Johannesburg, on the other hand, was created to offer immigration and consular services. These services include but not limited to document authentications, replacement, renewal, or issuance of Nigerian passports. These consular and immigration services are offered to Nigerian citizens in South Africa, Lesotho, and eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland. The consulate is equally empowered to issue Nigerian visas to citizens of South Africa who wish to visit Nigeria. His Excellency, Ambassador Abdulmalik Mike Ahmed is Nigeria’s Consul-General to South Africa.

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