How To Apply For SAQA Evaluation Certificate From Nigeria

The South African organisation responsible for evaluating foreign qualifications is called the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). If you are a Nigerian and you are planning to further your education in South Africa, this blog post aims to help you simplify the SAQA evaluation process. In this article, we will be looking at how to…

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5 Popular South African Foods For Nigerians To Try


You will be introduced to five popular South African foods in this blog post. But before then, it is interesting to note that South African cuisine is as colourful as its people – who speak 11 official languages and unofficial languages such as the Tsotsitaal. Despite this, I’ve realised that most Nigerians in South Africa…

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Minibus Taxis In Gauteng: 5 Questions To Ask Before Using Them

minibus taxi in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Minibus taxis in Gauteng are the most available and affordable form of public transport, and by extension, in most urban areas in South Africa. Despite the advantages associated with minibus taxis, the disadvantages sometimes outweigh the benefits. That’s why I have put together five questions to help you overcome challenges related to using the minibus…

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South African Visa Policy In Nigeria

Visa stamp

This post looks at South Africa Visa policy in Nigeria. Use the table below to navigate this article. Table of Content South Africa Visa Policy South African Visas For Nigerians South Africa’s e-Visa For Nigeria 10-Year South Africa Visa For Nigerians South Africa’s Visa Policy For Nigeria South Africa’s visa policy is the main instrumentused…

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