How To Apply For Homeschooling In South Africa


Homeschooling in South Africa is a program where a parent of a learner of compulsory school-going age provides education for their child at home. It is an alternative to attending public or independent schools. This definition is according to South Africa’s National Department of Basic Education. In this article, I will describe to the Nigerian…

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Carlton Center Top of Africa

A View Of Johannesburg From The Top Of Africa (50th Floor Of The Carlton Centre)
Carlton Center top of Africa is the tallest building in Africa at a height of 223 meters and 50-stories The 50th floor of the Carlton Centre is called the Top of Africa and it is reserved for tourists interested in a 360 view of Johannesburg, the city of gold. Entrance into the Carlton center top…

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Coronavirus Travel Tips: 9 Things To Take Seriously

Coronavirus travel tips

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on a rampage! Travelers need travel tips before this virus goes berserk. So far, there is no sign of go-slow. As of *17th of March 2020, more than 200,000 people have been infected across the globe. During this same time, it has killed more than 7,000 people. That is a lot. It…

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Soweto Towers Bungee Jumping [Video]

Soweto Towers bungee jumping

Soweto towers bungee jumping is one of our favorite affordable activities in Johannesburg. Bungee Jumping on Soweto Towers Soweto Towers bungee jumping has been on our list of things to do in Soweto for a while now. Unfortunately, we have not taken the plunge yet! The best we came to bungee jumping was to watch…

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