How To Apply For A Visit Visa To South Africa From Nigeria

You need a visa to South Africa from Nigeria if you are a Nigerian citizen. A Visit Visa is for Nigerian citizens who wish to travel to South Africa for tourism, visitation to friends and families, or for short business trips. The visit visa is issued for no more than 90 days or less. The application procedure for a Visit Visa to South Africa from Nigeria is pretty straightforward and easy, and I will show you how. I understand the process can sometimes be very stressful; that is why this guide has been created specifically for you.

In this article, I’ll take you through the visa requirements, the visa application form, cost of application, where to apply for your visa, the visa appointment booking procedure, visa processing fees, processing time and duration, how to track it, and the visa collection procedure.

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As a rule, always endeavour to apply for your visit visa at least four weeks before your planned trip to South Africa. Applying on time will enable the South African diplomatic offices in Nigeria to have enough time to process your visa application. You can navigate this article using the table of contents below.

Table of Content
1. Visa Requirements
2. Visa Application Form
3. Where to Apply
3.1. VFS VIP Service
4. Cost of Application
5. Visa Appointment Booking
6. Visa Processing Time and Duration
7. Tracking Visa
8. Visa Collection Procedure
9. Summary
10. Tips

South African Visit Visa Requirements For Nigerian citizens

It is essential to adhere to the visa documentation requirements stipulated by the South African Consulate General in Nigeria. Make sure that all your documents are genuine; never submit falsified documents. To apply for a visit visa to South Africa from Nigeria, you will need to provide some of these set of papers listed below:

Visa RequirementsNotes
1.An international passportEnsure that your passport will still be valid for at least 30 days after you are back from your trip. Also, make sure you have two blank pages on your passport; this is for your visa sticker and even for your entry and exit endorsements from immigration officials.
2.Visa Application Form B1-84Make sure it is filled in block letters and black ink only. Find a sample here
3.Visit Visa fee S/African Visit Visa application fee at Lagos and Abuja VFS centres is N7, 071 which is non-refundable [and an additional service fee of N25, 200]. In Port Harcourt, expect to pay an estimated N53,000 for both application and service fees.
4.2 coloured passport photographsThey must be printed with dimensions of 45mm x 45mm. Take the photos against a white background with your full face forward (if uncertain about the specification, you may take the pictures the day you arrive at your VFS centre at the cost of N2,000)
5.2 coloured copies of your Nigerian passport biometric data page
6.A copy of your e-Yellow fever certificate Print all pages of your e-Yellow fever card including the cover page
7.An introductory letter of yourself addressed to the South African Consulate General.Make sure your phone number and your address are included
8.Coloured copies of all current and old visas Print current or valid visas and also all your previous permits.
9.Your employer’s letter of recommendation
10.Letter of invitation If you have a host in South Africa, make sure their personal and or official contact details in South Africa are included in the letter.
11.Provide supporting documents to confirm the purpose of your visit to South AfricaIf required
12.Letter of confirmation of attendanceIf you are applying to attend an event, a letter from the organisation under whose control the activity or event is taking place must confirm such attendance and state whether or not you will be paid. If paid, the amount should be stated in the letter.
13.Medical referral letter and Appointment letter For a medical trip lasting less than three months, provide a medical referral letter from your Nigerian doctor – who must specify the nature of your health condition and why the referral to South Africa is essential. Do not forget to include the South African medical doctor’s appointment letter and ensure his contact details are listed on the letterhead.
14.Confirmed receipt of hotel reservation Book directly with the hotel and not through broker websites such as
15.Air-flight booking Your air-flight booking has to be confirmed for a return trip back to Nigeria. Click here to search for cheap flights from Lagos to Johannesburg. Compare the prices, and save money.
16.Marriage certificate if you are married Ensure copies are certified by a Notary Public
17.Bank statement from 6 months Your bank statement will represent your proof to be able to cater for yourself while on vacation in South Africa. A Bank balance of at least N1, 000, 000 is advisable before you apply. A sufficient account balance will increase your chances of been granted a visa.
18.A financial undertaking by your host in South Africa If you’ll be sponsored by a host in South Africa
19.Bank statement from your employer if your trip is been sponsored by your place of work Make sure you attach a reference letter from your company’s bank to state ownership and signatories to the company’s bank account.
20.Your 6 months payslip
21.Birth certificate If you are traveling with kids under the age of 18 years old
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South African Visa Application Form In Nigeria

The South African Visit Visa B1-84 application form is easy and straightforward to complete. As a Visit Visa applicant, you will need to provide answers to several questions on the application form. Information such as your name, date of birth, address, passport details, occupation, and information about your visit to South Africa such as when you plan to arrive, and the duration of your stay will all be required on the application form. There are also some questions relating to security and finance.

Failure not to complete the form in full or correctly may lead to your visa been denied or delayed.

Where To Apply For South African Visa In Nigeria?

Application for visit visa to South Africa from Nigeria can only be made in person, at any of the Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) centres across Nigeria. There are 3 VFS offices in Nigeria, and they are located in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. Find their addresses below:

The physical address for South Africa Visa Application Centre in Lagos is at;

Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way (Opposite Treasure Garden Estate)
Third Roundabout,
Lekki Phase I,

VFS Nigeria

The physical address for South Africa Visa Application Centre in Abuja can be found at;

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way,
Central Business District

Some call it South African Embassy in Port Harcourt, but this is the VFS address for South African Visa Application Centre in Port Harcourt;

Vineyard Shopping Centre,
88 Woji Road,
Port Harcourt,

Bear in mind that VFS has a daily limit to the number of applications they receive, which means that the first to arrive is dealt with first! And according to the Foreign Missions Observation Report of the South African Department of Home Affairs in 2018, it was reported that Abuja receives about 100 applications, Lagos gets 200, while Port Harcourt accepts roughly 20 daily.

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VFS Global Operating Hours

Monday — Friday
08hr00 to 15hr00

VFS Passport Collection Hours
Monday — Friday
10hr00 — 16hr00

VFS VIP Service

The VIP service offered by VFS at their application centres in Nigeria comes with personalised facilities such as a dedicated lounge for you. The offer also comes with a speedy application process, refreshment, photocopy of your documents, and a courier return of your passport. The service cost N10, 000.

What Is The Visa Fee For South Africa In Nigeria?

The cost of applying for the South African Visit Visa in Nigeria is determined by the current foreign exchange and also the location of your application centre. Visa application fees are either paid online or paid at your VFS application office. There are three VFS offices in Nigeria. One is in Lagos, another in Abuja, and the third in Port Harcourt. Currently, the cost for visa application in Lagos and Abuja are the same, which comes at the expense of N32, 271. Port Harcourt visa application fee is estimated at N53, 000. Always familiarise yourself with the current visa fees on the VFS website. You can also pay your visa fees online on the VFS website. Bear in mind that the VFS offices do not accept cash or international bank cards. All payments at VFS centres are only made using bank cards issued by Nigerian banks.

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South African Visa Appointment Booking

To submit your documents for the visa application, you will need to book an appointment with VFS Global on their website. Once you book an appointment, ensure you arrive at your VFS application centre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

For a list of the things to bring with you on your appointment date, information about compliance, safety, and general information from VFS about your visa application appointment, see here.

South African Visitor Visa Processing Time

DIRCO and the Department of Home Affairs consider the South African diplomatic mission in Nigeria as a high volume mission. Still, the VFS Global office in Nigeria says it takes approximately 6 days for a South African visa application to be processed.

Based on the reality of the high volume of applications received and the need for each application to be individually evaluated, it is safe to say that your application may be processed entirely after 2 – 3 weeks of submission of documents.

It is strongly advised that you apply for your South African Visit Visa well in advance of at least four weeks before your plan to fly to South Africa.

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How Do I Track My South African Visa Application?

To track and trace your visit visa application, you will need to enter your visa application reference number and your date of birth on the VFS Global website. Click here to go to the VFS track and trace webpage.

South African Visa Collection

You will most likely receive an SMS after a decision has been made on your visit visa application. To pick up your visa, go to your VFS application centre along with the receipt of your visa application. The South African Visa Collection time is from 11 am – 3 pm from Monday to Friday.

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NOTE: For up-to-date information, always check the South African government’s website.

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