List of Requirements To Enter South Africa

The requirements to enter South Africa are pretty basic and straightforward for a Nigerian citizen. Bear in mind that every country has its own rules and regulations concerning how they admit people at their borders. To save money, time, and embarrassment, you need to familiarize yourself with these protocols. South Africa’s borders and immigration are staffed and managed by officials from the State’s Department of Home Affairs. Their responsibilities range from the administration of admissions into South Africa, the determination of foreigners’ residence status, and the issuance of visas and permits.

One of the requirements to enter South Africa from Nigeria is a valid visa.
One of the requirements to enter South Africa from Nigeria is a valid visa.

The Home Affairs officials at the border posts execute their mandate by ensuring that non-South Africans comply with all requirements related to visas, conditions for traveling with kids, and World Health Organization (WHO) conditions for immunizations at the entry and exit points of the country. You may not be allowed to enter South Africa if you do not follow the instructions for entering the country. You may even be detained and eventually deported, which may lead to you being declared by the Home Affairs Department as undesirable. This declaration may prevent you from entering South Africa at a later time. As much as the information presented below is accurate as at the time of publishing this post, updates to entry requirements may be available without notice. Always ensure you keep yourself updated before you fly. You can get additional information from the South African Consulate General in Lagos, the High Commission in Abuja, or the Home Affairs website.

To ensure you are on the right side of the law, take note of the below information.

Requirements To Enter South Africa From Nigeria

  1. You require an international passport with at least two blank pages for entry, and exit endorsements.
  2. A valid Visa
  3. e-Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  4. Return flight ticket. You can search, compare, and buy very cheap flight tickets from Lagos to Johannesburg here.
  5. Proof to show that you have sufficient funds to cater for your welfare and living expenses while in South Africa, e.g. bank statements, bank cards, or an undertaking from your host.
  6. Birth certificate if you are travelling with a child.
  7. Proof of hotel reservation
  8. Documents used for the visa application (optional)

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