Do You Qualify To Apply For South Africa Visitor Visa From Nigeria?

This blog post looks at South Africa Visitor Visa and specifically at who can apply for this category of Visa from Nigeria. Use the table below to browse this article.

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South Africa Visitor Visa in Nigeria
What Does Your Visitor Visa Means?
Who Qualifies To Apply For SA Visitor Visa?
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South Africa Visitor Visa in Nigeria

SA Visitor Visa is available for Nigerians who wish to visit South Africa temporarily. This visit could be for tourism or even for business. The visa is usually valid for three months (90 days) or less.

What Does Your SA Visitor Visa Means?

SA visitor visa means that South Africa’s diplomatic missions in Nigeria have reviewed your visitor visa application and have determined that you are eligible to enter the Republic of South Africa for a visit, not more than 90 days or less.

The Visitor Visa that is issued to you by South Africa’s diplomatic mission in Nigeria allows you to travel to a South African port of entry such as O.R. Tambo International Airport. It is at the airport that a South African immigration officer will interview you to determine the genuineness of your visit and ultimately decide whether you will be allowed to enter South Africa. She will also decide how long you can stay for that specific visit. Bear in mind that as a visitor in South Africa, you are only allowed to remain a visitor! You must not take on any other activity such as study.

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You Qualify To Apply For A South African Visitor Visa, if:

  • You want to visit your family and friends or for tourism.
  • You want to visit your spouse, who is in South Africa on a work or Study Visa.
  • Children want to visit their parents, who are in South Africa on Work or Study Visa.
  • You want to engage in charitable or voluntary activities in South Africa.
  • You want to travel for short research purpose
    You want to attend a conference.
  • You are in the entertainment industry and want to produce a movie or a show.
  • You want to attend a sports event.

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