13 Safety Tips For Nigerian Tourists In South Africa

Crime is everywhere, including South Africa. But there are valid reasons Nigerians are concerned about their safety while visiting South Africa, considering the almost yearly incidents related to xenophobia and police brutality. Nevertheless, South Africa is safe if you use common sense! I have written this piece with you in mind if you want to know how to stay safe in South Africa. These safety tips for South Africa will help you avoid situations such as robbery and violent attacks.

13 Commonsense Safety Tips for South Africa

1. If you are staying in a hotel, ensure that your room is always locked and be cautious about those you open your room to.
2. When going out, leave a bulb light on in your hotel room so you can see what you are doing on your return.
3. If you are at a resort or beach and want to swim, never leave your valuables unattended. Ask someone you trust to watch over your things or do not swim.
4. Wear your shoulder bag across your body and not on your shoulder. Ensure it is well zipped.
5. Resist the temptation of travelling with expensive gadgets like a gold Rolex watch.
6. Photocopy and certify your passport biodata page and the visa page. Carry these copies with you at all times and leave the passport booklet in a safe place in your hotel.
7. Be conscious of your surroundings
8. While driving, keep your phones or cameras out of sight. Smash and grab is very common in South Africa.
9. Don’t brag about how much you have or the expensive things you have in public.
10. Always inform someone about your destination
11. Before hopping on a Uber or Bolt ride, always make sure the vehicle’s number plate and colour correspond to the ride-hailing app’s details.
12. At all times, ensure your phones are fully charged before leaving your hotel room. You may need it in an emergency. See South African emergency phone lines below.
13. Install mobile apps that will make travelling within South Africa easier for you. See here for a list of recommended apps.

South African Emergency Helplines For Tourists

See the table below for a list of helplines related to any emergency you may be confronted with:

Agency/ServiceTelephone Number
South African Tourism helpline083 123 6789
South African Police Service (SAPS) Emergency Number10111
Crime Stop (report criminal activities anonymously)08600 10111
Mobile phone emergency number112
South Africa’s National Tourism Information and Safety083 123 2345
Fire Department10177
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