Covid-19 Travel Protocol to Nigeria

After covid-19 incident, Nigeria was one of the first countries to be put on the Covid watchlist. As such, travel protocol for covid-19 infected individuals into Nigeria is very strict and rigorous. This post will explain the covid-19 travel protocol to Nigeria and what the traveler should expect before arrival in Nigeria.

Since covid-19 disease can be transmitted through saliva, all covid-19 patients must give a blood sample for testing before entering Nigeria. This blood sample which tests negative for covid-19 by PCR or ELISA will serve as a temporary pass into the country as well as an indication that the individual is not contagious at the time of entry into Nigeria. In addition, travelers from affected regions will be required to wear masks at all times within the confines of Nigeria.

With effective Covid-19 travel protocol in place, it is possible to visit Nigeria

If the covid-19 test result comes out positive, the protocol requires that these individuals remain in Nigeria under supervision until the symptoms subside or the disease is completely eradicated (whichever comes earlier). Travelers will need to pay for their own lodging and food during this time; but medical care will be provided free of charge by local hospitals.

For any questions regarding covid-19 travel protocol to Nigeria, please refer to your nearest health center or contact a covid-19 screening representative at Nigerian embassies abroad. For frequently updated covid watchlist, please visit the NCDC website.

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