Nigeria Packing List – A Guide For Visiting Lagos

You need a Nigeria packing list before embarking on a trip to Lagos! By the way, Nigeria is one of the most exciting places in the world, which is so unique that everyone should travel there at least once in their lifetime. This article will walk you through the items that should make it into your Nigeria packing list. For your convenience, please use the table of content below to browse through this blog post.

Table of Content
Nigeria Travel Checklist In A Nutshell
Breakdown on Nigeria Packing List
Tackling The Heat
Cotton clothes to pack
Items for comfort, convenience, and protection
Nigeria’s Weather And Climate
Table of content for Nigeria Packing List

If you are a first-time traveler to Nigeria, please ensure you read the entire article. I wrote this article with you in mind.

For comfort, pack loose, light cotton clothes in your Nigeria packing list.
For comfort, pack loose, light cotton clothes in your Nigeria packing list.

Nigeria Packing List In A Nutshell

  • Beat the weather with:
    – Sunglasses
    – A hat
    – Umbrella
    – Sunscreen
    – Wipes, and
    – A water bottle
  • Pack these cotton clothes for comfort:
    – Socks
    – Loose, light cotton clothes
    – Cotton underwears
    – Swimwear
  • For extra protection, add:
    – Nail clippers,
    – Open-toe shoes,
    – Jackets and boots

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For extra protection, pack open-toe shoes or slippers in your Nigeria packing list
For extra protection, pack open-toe shoes or slippers in your Nigeria packing list

Things Needed To Travel To Nigeria: A Breakdown

Considering the predominantly hot weather in Nigeria, it is important to plan ahead before visiting. Your aim should be to dress for comfort and convenience.

Below is a list of items to travel with and tips to bear in mind while packing your travel suitcase to Nigeria.

Tackle the heat with sunglasses, a hat, umbrella, sunscreen, wipes, and a water bottle.

  • I recommend that you pack polarized sunglasses with a UV filter. The sun’s rays can be hazardous to your eyes so you should protect yourself.
  • Pack a broad-brimmed hat to keep your hair, skin, and eyes relaxed! You will need to cover up because the sun’s rays can sometimes be unbearably hot in Nigeria.
  • Pack a small fold-up travel sun umbrella to shade you from the sun. Come rain or shine; you will be covered.
  • I find wet wipes to be handy in weather conditions associated with dust and sweat. They come useful for neatly cleaning out your face and palms.
  • Sunscreen prevents sunburn and skin irritation. Protect your skin by adding sunscreen to your travelling bag.
  • Nigeria is hot. Therefore you will need to stay hydrated. You should pack a water bottle and buy bottled water from reputable stores when outdoor. 

Unfortunately, most taps are dry in Nigeria. Moreover, the water from most government taps is not suitable for consumption. Therefore, drinking directly from the government taps may be risky.

The state of water in Nigeria
To stay hydrated in Nigeria as a result of the hot weather in Nigeria, you should pack a water bottle in your Nigeria packing list and buy bottled water from reputable stores when outdoor.
To stay hydrated in Nigeria, you should pack a water bottle in your Nigeria packing list and also buy bottled water from reputable stores when outdoors.

Cotton. Cotton. Yes! Cotton.

  • Cotton underwear absorbs your body’s sweat. That is because Cotton is a natural fibre that significantly helps to prevent perspiration. Lightweight cotton underwear is breathable and will ensure the flow of air around your bikini area.
  • Ensure that the swimwear that you pack has cotton linings. The swimsuit will come in handy on days when you want to soak in your hotel’s swimming pool or at any of the famous Lagos beaches.

Similar to Durban, Lagos is a coastal city with several beaches.

  • Cotton socks will help contain the sweat from your feet. They also prevent that stinky foot smell we all dislike. Your socks will also come in handy when you are visiting religious or cultural centres where it may be compulsory for you to take off your shoes. At least, your socks will keep your feet clean and protected. Churches, mosques, and monarch’s palaces are examples.
Ensure that the swimwear that you pack in your Nigeria packing list has cotton linings.
Ensure that the swimwear that you pack in your Nigeria packing list has cotton linings.

Nail clippers, open toe shoes, jackets, and boots

  • Pack nail clippers. In hot weather conditions, your toenails can be a breeding spot for germs. Take a clipper along to cut your nails as often as possible.
  • Ensure that you pack open toe shoes, i.e. sandals or flip-flops (Nigerians call them slippers). They are comfortable, convenient, and easy to wear in the heat.
  • It’s commonplace to experience sudden weather changes. The Nigerian weather can change from been hot to cold suddenly. In situations such as these, you will need a jersey, sweater, or jacket.

Side Note: Due to Naija heat, air conditioners are popular features in homes, offices, and cars.

  • Bonus Tip: Wear your heaviest shoes or boots when flying. It lightens your luggage load.

The list provided above is equally relevant as an international travel packing list to any tropical country across the world. These items will protect you from hot, cold, and or rainy days. Let’s have a look at Nigeria’s weather.

Nigeria’s Weather And Climate

Nigeria has two primary weather seasons; dry and wet seasons. This type of climatic conditions is typical in most tropical countries. The dry season in Nigeria is our winter, and it starts in November and ends in March. In contrast, summer is a rainy season in Nigeria. It begins in April and ends in October.

Throughout the year, the weather in Nigeria is generally hot. However, there are varying weather temperatures. The hottest month, for example, in Lagos is February with temperatures averaging 28°C. In contrast, July is the city’s coldest month, with an average temperature of 24°C.

Throughout the year, the weather in Nigeria is generally hot. Your Nigeria packing list should make provision for the hot weather.
Fairweather clouds on Obudu mountains

Now that we have a basic and clear idea of Nigeria’s weather conditions let us have a recap of the Nigeria travel packing list we have discussed so far.

My Assurance For Nigeria Packing List

I live in Johannesburg, but I was born and bred in Nigeria, so I am confident that the travel tips shared in this article will be of help to you. If that goal has been achieved, please share your experience below in the comment section, and also please share this article with your friends.

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  1. Just came back from Abuja Nigeria it was a beautiful experience and a fun experience to so much different like anything I could ever imagine in life I actually feel like I was so privileged to go there I tried to be very safe with the food and talk about all the cautions that was suggested from friends and doctors and basically the media the resources are really available for us to look at and where should I take them serious when it comes to not eating roadside food not drinking the water colors but I tried hard with some things unavoidable I would consider the catch myself brushing my teeth in the water but I’ll send done it’s very important that you take your malaria medicine when you go and of course get your typhoid shot so as long as you have those things in place and it’s a sickness did hit you in the easier to come back so continue to inspire us by going to Nigeria and seeing your experience one of my best experiences Was climbing a local mountain in Abuja it wasn’t that difficult but you had to go through the mountains and there’s one thing I come to not find you definitely need to have guides to help you I don’t really necessarily do things by yourself they will be only willing to help for a small fee🥰🥰

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