10 Travel Packing Tips For Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa comes with specials and discounts from food, hotels, flight tickets, and tour package! Winter travel is fun but a proper checklist before your trip is key. To enjoy a country as beautiful as South Africa, you will need to arm yourself with tips. South Africa is a gorgeous country you will enjoy visiting any time of the year. SA was in fact rated the world’s 5th most beautiful country in 2019 by Rough Guides. Without a doubt, this country is enveloped with natural and man-made beauty, wildlife, and cultural diversity. These attractions have indeed made South Africa a sure-fire magnet to visitors from far and wide, all year round. Look below to see what this article will be looking at through the table of contents.

Table of Contents
1. Coming To South Africa In Winter?
2. South African Weather
3. Average Temperature And Rainfall In South Africa
4. Winter Season In South Africa
5. Winter Travel Checklist
6. Winter Travel Clothing Checklist
7. Winter Travel Recap
Sunset in South Africa

Coming To South Africa In Winter?

As a Nigerian traveling to South Africa in winter, it is important for you to look out for what the weather woman is saying about the season. Her forecast should inform your travel checklist and eventually, what makes it into your winter traveling bag. Let’s get one thing straight here:

Winter in South Africa is a pleasant season for a traveler; it is nice to your pocket and to your body.

By the way, the risk of getting malaria is down to zero. In winter, you will also get significantly specially discounted deals on flights, accommodation, and several other travel package benefits. If you are planning a winter trip to South Africa and looking for a travel checklist, then, this blog post is for you. I will give you an idea of the weather in South Africa and also emphasize essential items to include in your travel bag. But before we move on, let me briefly walk you through the weather conditions in South Africa.

Nigeria and South Africa on the African map
Nigeria, South Africa on the African map

South African Weather

The location of South Africa between two oceans (Indian and the Atlantic Oceans) influences the weather in South Africa. Having the most diverse climatic condition in Africa, South Africa proudly boasts of hot deserts, warm coastal subtropics, humid highlands, Mediterranean weather, and snow-covered mountains. wow!

Snow covered mountain in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Average Temperature And Rainfall In South Africa

Most days in South Africa are actually warm and sunny while nights are cool. In summer, rainfall is experienced in most parts of the country from November through March. Cape Town which has a Mediterranean climate is characterized by rainfall in winter from June to August and a year-round wind with clear skies in summer.

Table showing temperatures in South African cities
Average maximum and minimum summer and winter temperatures in South African cities, in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Winter Season In South Africa

The 2020 winter season in South Africa will begin on Saturday, 20 June and end on Tuesday, 22 September. Cold fronts are the highlights of winter in South Africa. When cold fronts start, temperatures drop to freezing point and nights are chilling. However, most winter days are usually sunny with cloudless blue skies.

Winter in South Africa - average temperature and rainfall
Map of South Africa in winter showing average temperature and rainfall.

Winter Travel Checklist

Warmth and fashion are the focus on this winter travel list. The fact that some days can be bitingly cold, you will need to ensure your body is adequately protected while still staying cool! The items of clothing listed below will help you to beat the weather to its game.

Winter In South Africa Travel Clothing Checklist

  1. Sweaters (x2-3): Cardigan or pullover, you need this wool clothes to stay and keep warm.
  2. Wool socks (x6): Socks made out of wool, that are long and breathable will keep your toes and feet warm and in good shape.
  3. Heavy coats (x2): Even though they are usually large, I recommend this important wardrobe item for winter in South Africa. This piece of clothing will guarantee extra warmth. To save luggage space, you can wear your coat on the day you’re traveling.
  4. Scarves (x3): The flexibility that comes with scarves makes them a great accessory for protecting either your neck, shoulders, head, or waist. Plus the fact that they are light to carry makes them even more attractive.
  5. Beanie (x1): To complement your coat, a beanie will make for a cool head warmer. They are great for formal and semi-formal outings during winter.
  6. Collared shirts (x1-2): A collared shirt, simply put, is a shirt with a collar. Build your tolerance for the cold weather while staying cool
  7. Weatherproof Boots (x1): Weatherproof shoes are warm shoes created specifically for wet and or wintery weather. They are designed to be water-proof. You will thank your stars when you have to be outdoors on a wet, snowy day. And because they are usually heavy and tend to take more luggage space, you may wear them when traveling.
  8. Pair of pants (x2): Keep your lower body warm with pants designed for the cold weather. If you’re planning outdoor activities like hiking, look out for pants with inner fleece and waterproof outer layers. For a soft and comfortable feel, you may consider stretch wooly pants.
  9. Jacket (x1): To stay extra warm during the extra cold days, take along with you a durable, moisture-resistant, wind and water-proof but a breathable jacket. You will find this to be a life-saver compared to wearing multiple clothes.
  10. Gloves (x1-2): Lightweight, Water, and wind-proof gloves with inner lining fabrics will keep you comfy and warm through the freezing winter breeze.

Winter Travel Recap

To enjoy all the beauty that South Africa has to offer, you must plan your trip well in advance. In this article, in addition to providing a travel checklist of winter holiday essential items, other equally important travel components necessary to make your journey pleasant and memorable has been itemized.

For a stress-free vacation in South Africa, I have also given a description of the climatic conditions in South Africa. To learn more about Johannesburg – the people, and tourism in the city, click here.

Please share your thoughts and if you have any concerns or questions, share them below in the comments section.

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