New Travellers Lodge & Suite: A Modern And Cheap Hotel In Iyana Ipaja

Finding modern but cheap hotels in Iyana Ipaja can be a bit of a task. In the middle of February, around mid-day, I was drenched in sweat and overwhelmed with the classic Lagos noise. In the midst of this, I was confronted with the need to think and to find and choose a place to stay at Iyana Ipaja.

Iyana Ipaja

Imagine spending endless minutes running into hours while trying to make a decision about where to stay? Look at me and impulse traveling from Johannesburg, South Africa! I am now in the middle of a madly busy highway called Lagos – Abeokuta Expressway; Nigeria’s busiest freeway and one of Africa’s largest road networks! Hungry, slapped by the sun, and beaten by noise from all corners. I surrendered to an old lady selling fruits at the edge of the highway. As I crushed my apples under her makeshift umbrella post, I explored the heart of Iyana Ipaja with wide eyes. Looking back and forth, I found a towering building farther enough from the frenzy of the bus stop’s market center but also close enough to it. I immediately decided this is where I will spend my time. I ended up spending two weeks at New Travelers Lodge & Suite and I was not disappointed by my host. In this post, I will share 10 reasons why you should also consider New Travelers Lodge & Suite when you are on a budget trip to Lagos.

Cheap Hotels In Iyana Ipaja_New Travellers Lodge

10 Reasons To Choose New Travellers Lodge & Suite – One of The Most Modern And Cheap Hotels In Iyana Ipaja

  1. New Travellers Lodge & Suite is affordable: Top of my checklist was to find cheap hotels in Iyana Ipaja and I got a fully furnished and air-conditioned room.
  2. Free Breakfast: I was treated to sumptuous meals every morning.
  3. Iyana Ipaja Bus Stop is a stone throw from the hotel: The hotel is less than 250 meters from Iyana Ipaja bus stop. This means that you are closer to all the inter-state motor parks, the major commercial banks, and supermarket stores such as Grocery Bazaar.
  4. Free WiFi: The host understands the power of the internet and how everything today revolves around the web. Upon sign up at the hotel’s check-in counter, your devices are connected to their seamless wireless service network.
  5. Full-service laundry: With my room service comes a full laundry service. The hotel staff neatly washed and ironed all my clothes.
  6. Free parking space: If you are with your vehicle, they have sufficient space for you to park and it is free.
  7. Friendly personalized service: One of my favorite takeaways from this place is the friendly and down-to-earth customer service they offer.
  8. 24-hour electricity: When PHCN is unavailable, electricity is always on here. I never experienced blackouts throughout my stay at Travellers Lodge & Suite. They have 2 standby heavy-duty generators that guarantee 24-hours electricity.
  9. Security: There are security guards employed by the hotel. They work round the clock to ensure the safety and security of every guest at the hotel.
  10. Close proximity to the airport: The Lagos International airport at Ikeja is just 20 minutes away! The hotel can also arrange your pick-up or drop off to the airport.

Meanwhile, New Travelers Lodge & Suite’s location is at 161, Abeokuta Expressway, Araromi bus stop in Iyana Ipaja. To make a booking or inquiries at the hotel, you can call them on +234 802 587 2871.

New Travellers Lodge

I enjoyed every moment of my stay at the hotel and I invite you to visit. In fact, my experience as a whole at Iyana Ipaja will forever remain memorable. It was my first time staying in one of the hearts of Lagos and I got to experience Lagos’ wild side, first hand. Oh my goodness! Iyana Ipaja is one beast of a lively place. A thorough review is written here. Iyana Ipaja is in fact, one of the many parts of Lagos that never sleeps. No wonder they say the life of the Lagosian is on the road! But hey, the traffic is actually one of the craziest things about this place – it is always on a go-slow and forever loud!

Grocery Bazaar Iyana Ipaja

For those who don’t know, Iyana Ipaja in Yorùbá language means ‘the junction to Ipaja road’. Iyana Ipaja in itself is a settlement community and also doubles as one of the busiest commercial hubs on Lagos mainland.

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